Business Services

Business Services supports the students and staff of the district through functions including finance, payroll, food services, purchasing, facilities, information technology, transportation and more. Business Services provides information and advice to the Superintendent and the Board to support the effective management of the District and fulfills the financial accountability requirements of the District.

With dozens of bathrooms, classrooms and facilities at more than 10 school sites and our administrative offices this department keeps everything running. This department encompasses Maintenance, Grounds and Transportation divisions. More info

The Finance department is responsible for Budgets & Financial reporting, Accounts Payable, and Payroll.  The services provided include Attendance reporting, Position Control, Invoicing and Cash Receipts. More info

Food Services
Food Services provides nutritional support for each school to assure maximum student achievement, adhering to the nutritional standards set by the USDA in the National School Lunch Program. Food Services staff assigned to individual sites ensures that breakfast, brunch, lunch and after school snack programs throughout the district meet the needs of students and staff. The Food Services office is located on the Harbor High School campus. More info

Information Technology
The Information Technology department is responsible for the installation, maintenance and support of computer systems for the District. More info

Purchasing works with vendors, administration, teachers and staff to provide reliable and cost effective services and supplies to support the education of our students. The department also manages the competitive bidding process for construction projects and provides inventory, mail and delivery services for the District. More info

The Transportation Dept. is responsible for transporting approximately 90 Special Education and 50 Regular Education students. Our staff of 12 bus drivers make every effort to ensure all students are safely bussed to and from their destination. We transport students to both District and County programs at 14 different school sites. More info

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